Today it seems as we are living away from our Creator, Nature..

In modern world living close to nature doesn’t means to leave modern amenities, city life and resort back to jungle age.. In real modern sense living close to nature is just to remember our basics and follow them..

  1. Drink lot of natural water to hydrate your body. Avoid consuming aerated drinks as they harm your body.
  2. To fulfill your appetite just not depend on fast food or even oily traditional snacks. Better consume fruits and vegetable in raw form.
  3. Give time to yourself from your busy schedule. Walk, Jump, Dance.. Pump yourself up by whatever suits your mood and sweat your body on daily basis.
  4. Whatever happens today will be just memories tomorrow.. Always remember this and make yourself cheerful and enjoy all good and bad moments of life.. After all, it’s just Moments !!
  5. Eat healthy, Drink healthy.. Think healthy, Act healthy.. Good Health will follow You.. Follow it to believe it..

Kudos ! for the new beginning..