Diet and Nutritional Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

Diet and Nutritional Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

Diet and Nutritional Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

The magic of raindrops can bring pleasant smile on your face at the end of summer season. Best diet and nutritional tips to stay healthy in monsoon season. This is the time to celebrate the nature with all types of greeneries and freshness of mind. You must be very cautious about your food during the raining season, but monsoons do bring certain health risks. Our body is more susceptible to health issues in rainy season, because monsoon reduces the immunity power of our body. Our body constantly gets affected with allergies, infections, indigestion problems, so we must keep our body resistant against such diseases. The humidity in the atmosphere is usually high in this season; as a result the body’s digestive capability goes down. The important point to keep in mind is that you must avoid oily food, street food or any type of food that is prepared in bulk else there is a possibility that it upsets your stomach. We ask experts to tell you how you can stay healthy this season

Foods to Avoid During the Monsoons

Fried food:  As the rain lashes against the window, the urge to sit back with a hot cup of chai and pakoras is irresistible. But the high humidity during this season slows down digestion, making us all more prone to tummy upsets and bloating. Eating out brings on the added danger of water-borne bacterial and viral infections.


Chaat: Chaat is another roadside snack every Indian loves to relish. Chaat that includes gol gappas, bhel puri, dahi puri might be made with contaminated water. Chances of usage of contaminated water while making these snacks are high leading to infections. The chutney used in this chaats also need not be hygienic if the water used is infected. These infections can lead to diseases like diarrhea or jaundice.


Pre-cut fruits: Stay away from raw and chopped fruits, specifically when they have been kept in the open. The increased moisture in the air leads to bacteria sticking to raw foods, making them an unhealthy option for this weather.

Foods that you ought to include in your diet:

Garlic:  Packed with antioxidants, these cloves are rich with immunity boosting properties. Plus, they ease your digestive system while ensuring that your metabolic rate does not spiral down to a snail pace. While you can add crushed garlic pods to any food of your choice, one of the tastiest and healthiest ways of enjoying garlic is garlic rasam. A spicy concoction enriched with the pungent flavors of garlic and black pepper, it can be enjoyed along with rice or as a hot cup of soup.

Milk: Taking milk that includes pepper powder and turmeric will help making you strong from inside. It will fight developing water borne diseases in human being from inside.


Almonds: The crunchy, brown skinned nuts are good sources of protein. Quite low on fat, almonds are packed with various nutrients that are beneficial for your health. This tasty nut enhances your digestive fire, keeps your sugar levels under control, and offers a powerful shield from various diseases. Plus, it is a great snack to munch on while you are on your weight loss regimen plus ensures that are at the pink of your health.


Fruits: It is really essential to have adequate fruits during the rainy season as this will restore energy. But it also matters to be a good choice. Consume the fruits such as mangoes, apples, pears, and pomegranate. Even there are some fruits that help for your skin care. To remove face pimples, avoid fruits like watermelon and muskmelon. Don’t eat many mangoes which can also lead to pimples.