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About Us

Paawan Herbal, Ayurved Health House is a leading Ayurvedic products unit with a manufacturing division functioning in the Herbal State of Chattishgarh.

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Our Mission

“To be recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurveda – In its Purest Form.”  WE THRIVE TO …

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Ayurved Health House started production in Feb’ 1995. Today it is manufacturing more than 100 OTC, Ethicial and Classical Ayurvedic products.

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CSR Activities

Ayurved Health House, in association with a NGO is organizing “Home Herbal Garden” campaign since 2012 & distributes Medicinal Plants.

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Products By Category

Paawan Herbal’s OTC range of Ayurvedic and Herbal products caters to daily health and wellness needs of individuals. Products derived from research based on time-tested heritage of Ayurveda ensures quality and safety.

Paawan Herbal OTC Product range comprises of oral care, hair care, skin care and general wellness products that enhances immunity and assist in management of overall health.

Paawan Herbal’s Ethical range is based on philosophy of “giving people a healthier life – from preventive care to health management”. It is immensely popular and promoted by Ayurvedic Doctors and Traditional Healers. It addresses multiple health conditions like lifestyle disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, piles, liver disorders, acidity and various others. Exclusively range of products for men’s health, women’s health, children’s health promotes general well being and cures existing illness.

Paawan Herbal’s Classical Medicines are based on Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India, Charak Samhita, Sarangdhar Samhita, Bhav Prakash Nighantu and various other classical text. Quality and Purity of herbs results in enhanced efficacy that differentiates it. At present Classical Medicines consists of around 100 products comprising asav-aristh, guggul-vati, churan, oil, avleha and others.

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Paawan Herbal Advantages

Why Paawan ?

  • National Award Winning Company
  • Result Oriented Herbal Products
  • Pocket Friendly Pricing
  • Delivered Directly to your Doorstep

What About Delivery

  • Look at your Health needs
  • Browse our Product Range
  • Select Product as per your Requirement
  • Place your Order.. and Relax !!

Where are Products Available

  • Khadi Bhandar Showroom
  • Sanjiwani Mart in Chhattisgarh
  • Selected Medical Store
  • Online order

What Are The Benefits?

  • OTC Products for Personal Care.
  • Ethical Products for Common Ailments.
  • Classical Medicines base on Ayurvedic texts.
  • Can choose combination as well.
  • Expert advice as per your health condition is also available

Paawan Herbal

Natural Herbal Products


``Ayurveda in You`` Challenge


Welcome to the “Ayurveda in You” Challenge.
The “Ayurveda in You” Challenge showcases the impact of Ayurveda in our daily lifestyle. Knowingly – Unknowingly we had learnt a lot about Ayurveda from our parents, our grand parents.. And we tend to follow some of these rules for living healthy.. Ayurveda in You Challenge celebrates the involvement of young people in Ayurveda Sector. It is an engaging, entertaining and fast paced event showcasing the talents of the modern day Ayurveda.

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