Bust Oil

Bust Oil - Breast Massage Oil - Fuller Firmer & Alluring Breast Line

Bust Oil

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Paawan Bust oil is an Ayurvedic combination of herbs which are known for their efficiency in retaining, maintaining and elevating the blessed beauty of the breast, which is considered as the utmost important aspect to the women. Bust oil exerts an estrogen effect upon the breast tissue and promotes healthy breast tissue development. The oil exerts an estrogen effect upon the breast tissue and aids in its development. No chemicals have been used in its preparation, Paawan Bust oil is based on ayurvedic texts, consisting of 100% natural ingredients and there are no side effects on its regular application.

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Paawan Bust oil is uniquely formulated, herbal breast enlargement oil which helps in toning and firming breast naturally. This herbal massage oil is useful in improving and development of breast muscles and tissues and enhances natural growth and firmness of the bosoms. Paawan Bust oil is highly benefits for women who want firmer and beautiful bosoms. The active ingredients of this breast firming oil improve skin texture, cure sagging busts and reduce wrinkles. The potent herbs, present in Bust oil, have ability to promote breast size and firmness, safely and naturally.

Paawan Bust oil is prepared with natural ingredients. As massaging improves the blood circulation around them, it is a very effective method of breast enlargement. The texture of the oil is not too thick. It is smooth and easy to massage plus absorbs well in skin. By this convenient method, not only the aesthetics of busts is increased but it also tends to prevent any sort of diseases that may occur. Aging takes a toll on all of us and it is inevitable to cause negative effects on our health as well as looks. Signs of aging such as appear such as wrinkles and sagging, which decrease the attractiveness and appeal of the bosoms. It improves skin elasticity and muscle tone through its increased regenerating and tightening properties.

Paawan Bust oil is very effective formulation; it is a comprehensive product that acts on all the necessary levels to take care of breast. It naturally enhances the look and feel of the breasts, lending firmness and restoring feminine beauty with softer and smoother skin. Besides, Paawan Bust oil also moisturizes and nourishes the skin, ensuring it does not become flaccid. It’s completely natural composition encourages the restructuring active ingredient to penetrate the skin and enables the gland volume to be shaped which, due to age or hormonal disorders may have changed.


  • Stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates skin cells and helps in the development of breast.
  • Useful in all breast problems like loose breast, undeveloped breast and under developed breast.
  • Prevents premature sagging of breast.
  • To nourish and moisturize the breast tissues.
  • For development of fuller, firmer and more alluring bust line.
  • Improves the breast shapes and size with more visible cleavage.
  • Safe, effective and has no side effects.


Common Name Botanical Name Primary Benefits
Ashvagnadha Withania somnifera Increased blood circulation
Gorakhmundi Spheranthus indicus Useful in skin disease
Nagarmotha Cyperus scariosus Treats all the skin infections
Fitkari Alum Alum uses for tightening skin
Kantakari Solanum xanthocarpum Useful in skin disorder
Nagbala Gerura hirsute Firming up slackened bust and Improving Skin texture
Jha Tamarix gallica Improve health of the skin and cure wrinkle
Karanj ka beej Pongamia glabra Used for skin care
Olive oil Olea europeus Widely used to increase breast size

Indication:- Stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates skin cell and helps in development of breast. It nourishes and moisturizes the breast tissues. Prevents premature sagging of breast. Useful in breast problems like loose breast, undeveloped breast and under developed breast. Maintains youthful appearance of breast.

Presentation:- 100 ml

M.R.P.:- 290/-