B P Nom Tab

B P Nom Tab


Hypertension means high blood pressure. It is the condition when the pressure of blood caused by pumping of the heart goes higher than normal values. Normal systolic blood pressure is 120 mm Hg and diastolic is 80 mm Hg. If a person has consistently more than normal blood pressure then person suffers from hypertension. Blood pressure can be determined on the basis of three factors – the amount of blood your heart pumps, the pressure at which heart is pumping blood and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. When more blood is pumped by your heart and if arteries are narrower then higher the blood pressure. Is it very important to check blood pressure for healthy life. Paawan B P Nom tab controls hypertension naturally. It is especially formulated from herbs based on Ayurvedic text.

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Paawan B P Nom tab controls hypertension naturally. It is a unique blend of time tested herbs that support blood pressure levels in the normal range. Paawan B P Nom tab checks local tissue hemorrhage effectively. It also helps heal the wounds more quickly. Paawan B P Nom tab contains natural antioxidants that correct local tissue oxidation damage. Paawan B P Nom tab also helps to fight headache caused due to increase in blood pressure.

Headaches can range in frequency and severity, and for many people headaches or migraines can make it hard to live their day to day life. Paawan B P Nom tab controls hypertension naturally which in turn helps to cure headache.

Paawan B P Nom tab is especially formulated to help the body maintain healthy blood pressure level and hence protects heart and strengthens cardiovascular system. It acts complimentary in improving the pumping ability of the heart and reducing irregular heartbeat. These are pure natural made from pure natural herbs. It is useful in treatment of different diseases like hypertension, headache, stress & anxiety.


  • Useful in hypertension, headache, stress & anxiety.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Effective heart disease.
  • Increase energy levels and feelings of well being.
  • Improve circulation, including chilblains and tingling in the hands and feet.
  • Calm and soothe stress and nervous tension.
  • Corrects local tissue oxidation damage.


Common Name Botanical Name Primary Benefits
Bhrnigraj Eclipta alba It advantageous to reduce the hypertension
Shankhapushpi Convolvulus pluricaulis Treatment of weakness disorder
Amalaki Emblica officinalis Helps to fight against infection
Bramhi Bacopa monnieri Cure for hyper tension or high blood pressure
Giloya Tinospora cardifolia Helpful in controlling blood pressure.
Kut Saussurea lappa Used for external application in headache
Jatamansi Nardostachys jatamansi Reinforces natural sleep-wake cycles
Mulethi Glycyrrhiza glabra Increasing the blood capillary health

Indication:- Useful in hypertension, headache, stress & anxiety.

Dosage:- 1 to 2 tab twice a day, after meal or as directed by the physician.

Presentation:- 60 tab, 120 tab

M.R.P.:- Rs. 60/-, 110/-