Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan

Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan


Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan is a powerful combination of aphrodisiac herbs specified in Ayurvedic texts. According to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is vajikarak – increases strength. Kounchabeej is considered to be best neurostimulant. Safed Musli increases vitality & vigor.

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Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan for Vigour and Vitality is specially formulated for men. It contains natural herbs that help to stimulate, cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation as well as promote overall health and well-being. Shaktivardhak Churan helps achieve full and harder erection for longer duration of time. Relieves stress and anxiety. It is nature's best remedy to treat impotence naturallyRegular use of Shaktivardhak Churan cures physical weakness and develops new vigor and vitality.

Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan is comprehensive oral dosage form for persons confronted with sexual problem based on different herbs. It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up immunity. Acts as an aphrodisiac. This Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan for Vigour and Vitality, eradicates weakness, semen deficiency, etc.

Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan helps in overall development of the body and improves health. It is an ideal preparation to boost energy in men engaged in active physical work. There are distinct ways of defining Shaktivardhak Churan such as energy booster, rejuvenate, health tonic, premature debility, body wasting and underweight, debilitated weakness, deficiency of vital elements and as a health supplement during illness and many more.


  • Improves quality and quantity of semen.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission.
  • Prolongs erectile power.
  • Useful in impotency, power loss and erectile dysfunction due to psychological and functional disorders.
  • No adverse effects.


Common Name Botanical Name Primary Benefits
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera You feel stronger and healthier
Kaunch beej Muccuna prurita Reduce stress & energy enhancer
Gokharu Tribulus terrestris Useful treatment of erectile dysfunction
Taal makhana Hygrophila spinosa Increases the quality & quantity of semen, prevent premature ejaculation
Kaali musli Curculigo orchioides Impotence, seminal weakness and  improves fertility
Shatavar Asparagus racemosus Herbal cure for erectile dysfunction
Salam panja Dactylorrhiza hattagirea Useful in nocturnal emission
Chob chini Smilax china Improving the sperm count
Badam Prunus amygdalus A very beneficial in premature ejaculation
Chironji Buchnan lanzan Improves strength and immunity
Pista Pistacia vera Achieve a healthy immune system
Khas-khas Vetiveria zizanioides Helps in strengthening the immune system
Ilaiachi Capsicum cardamom Relieves  weakness
Kesar Cassia occidentalis Promote fertility and to deal with premature ejaculation
Laung Syzygium aromaticum Relief from stress
Jaiphal Myristica fragrans Herbs used in erectile dysfunction
Javetri Myristica fragrans Strength the body and reduce the early discharge event
Taj Cinnamomum zeylanicum Improve semen, and quality and quantity
Giloya Tinospora cardifola Giloya cures nightfall

Indication :- Useful in impotency, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, power loss, nocturnal emission, improves quality & quantity of segment, prevents premature ejaculation & prolongs erectile power.

Presentation :- 80 gm.

M.R.P. :- 140/-