Paawan Churan

Paawan Churan is a powerful and intelligent blend of herbs. It is beneficial in constipation, acidity, gas, headache and dyspepsia etc. It also improve the digestion capacity of stomach and intestines, it is also natural remedy for the treatment of headache due to constipation. It regulates bile flow and...
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Paawan Denta Gum

Paawan Denta Gum - herbal tooth powder is an ayurvedic preparation to prevent tooth ache, decay and cures pyorrhea, swollen and bleeding gums and inflammation of gums. It is also used in hardening of gums and teeth, cleansing and healing of tooth ache and wounds. It provides relief from...
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Sat Ayur Face Pack

Paawan herbal-Sat Ayur Face Pack - herbal face pack
Sat Ayur Face Pack is an herbal face pack from the house of Paawan Herbal. It is excellent face pack for oily and normal skin. It conceals under eye dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles with perfection and gives new glow to the skin. It nourishes the cells of skin...
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Shaktivardhak Churan

Paawan Shaktivardhak Churan is a powerful combination of aphrodisiac herbs specified in Ayurvedic texts. According to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is vajikarak - increases strength. Kounchabeej is considered to be best neurostimulant. Safed Musli increases vitality & vigor.
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