Paawan B Clean Syrup

Paawan B-Clean natural herbal blood purifier syrup is very effective in skin problems like pimples and acne vulgaris boil, skin rashes. Paawan B-Clean natural herbal blood purifier syrup is time tested formulation that helps in treating skin diseases and enhances complexion. Paawan B-Clean active blood purifier is very effective...
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Paawan Dadru Lepa

Dadru Lepa cures worse skin condition such as rash, flare up and itchy. Choosing the best cream for eczema is important for its treatment. When we visit pharmacy looking for skin care product for eczema, there are many options to choose from, our ointment Dadru Lepa is a very...
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Sat Ayur Face Pack

Paawan herbal-Sat Ayur Face Pack - herbal face pack
Sat Ayur Face Pack is an herbal face pack from the house of Paawan Herbal. It is excellent face pack for oily and normal skin. It conceals under eye dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles with perfection and gives new glow to the skin. It nourishes the cells of skin...
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