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Paawan Denta Gum – herbal tooth powder is an ayurvedic preparation to prevent tooth ache, decay and cures pyorrhea, swollen and bleeding gums and inflammation of gums. It is also used in hardening of gums and teeth, cleansing and healing of tooth ache and wounds. It provides relief from dental problems without any side effects; regular application of Denta Gum keeps your teeth and gum healthy and strong.

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Paawan Denta Gum is an herbal tooth powder which take utmost care of your valuable teeth & gums. It acts as a complete oral care. It has effective medicinal properties against bleeding and sore gums, oral cavity & mouth ulcers. Paawan Denta Gum is an effective means to ensure healthy gums and prevent various dental problems such as cavities, caries, plaque, bad breath and bleeding of gums, tightens gums, helps to keep your teeth healthy. To provide good relief for dental problems without any side effects.

It has good effect and it corrects the function of total metabolism. Denta gum acts on dental related problems through all it herbal constituents. This medicine cures and prevents tooth ache, pyorrhea, bad breath etc. So use Denta Gum keeps your teeth and gum healthy and strong. Daily use of Denta Gum prevents the tooth decay, keeps the teeth clean and healthy, and also prevents bad breath. Denta Gum is available at most reasonable rates and has no any side effects.


  • Helps discourage bacterial growth in the mouth.
  • It helps counteract bad breath and cleans your teeth naturally for a brighter, healthier smile.
  • Have the most beautiful strong, straight, large, white and cavity-free teeth.
  • It also freshens breath and whitens gently.
  • Stops bleeding of gums and controls swelling of gums.

Indication:- Pyorrhea, gingivitis, bleeding gum, spongy & painful gum, tooth ache, bad breath and every kind of dental problems.

Presentation:- 40 gm

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40 gm, 100 gm

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  1. Sharad Mukharjee

    Paawan Denta Gum had changed the way I eat.. I used to have immense pain in my gums.. After its regular use pain is now matter of past.. Thanks Denta Gum !!

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