Kesh Dhawan Powder

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Kesh Dhawan powder is an advanced formulation of rare herbs for hair; it gives shine and strength to them. Lack of proper nourishment, long illness, hormonal imbalance, hair starts gray. This is herbal powder with hair fall fighting abilities. This powder is ideal to smoother the hair and to make them healthier and shinier. This shampoo that can be used daily and is very effective for treating the dandruff problem for both men and women.

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Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder natural growth strength of hair, along with care, these benefits of Kesh Dhawan powder will also provide to you a natural scent, even if you are sensitive to certain hair care products, you needn’t have to worry as it has no side effects on your scalp. Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder is ideal for softening and smoothing your hair, it shines with luster all the time. This herbal Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder natural growth and strength of hair, its adds protein to your hair and nourishes them. It is also ideal for everyday use and is inexpensive. It strengthens and nourishes lifeless, thin and delicate hair, adds luster and bounce to them, penetrates and strengthens hair to protect against damage.

  • Add hair shine:- Best part of Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder is that it helps to add shine on your hair. It makes your hair shiny.
  • Add hair growth:- It provides hair root strengthening that is good for healthy hair growth. Herbs are good to improve hair elasticity.
  • Stop hair fall:- It helps to make your scalp infection free and provide suitable environment for hair growth.
  • To get rid of split hair:- Herbal shampoo provides sufficient moisturise to your hair and prevents hair breakage and split hair.
  • Anti-dandruff treatment:- Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder is good to combat against dandruff. It helps to prevent dandruff.


  • Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder, herbal dry shampoo rejuvenates dry, dull and brittle hair and leaves your hair and scalp feeling clean and healthy.
  • It keeps your hair strong from the root.
  • It makes your hair shiny as well.
  • Paawan Kesh Dhawan powder natural growth and strength of hair
  • Natural ingredients helps to keep your hair beautiful and strong.
  • No chemicals, no side effect.

Indication:- Paawan Kesh Dhawan Powder is a natural formulation that rejuvenates hair growth. Its unique composition is useful in curing dandruff, hair fall, premature greying of hair. Regular use makes hair long. Strong and Lustrous.

Application:- Mix 2 to 3 teaspoonful of Kesh Dhawan powder in water. Apply it on hairs and leave it for 5 to 10 min. Then wash it with clean water. It can also be used by mixing it with henna (Mehandi).

Presentation:- 100 gm

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100 gm


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