Paawan Brain Syrup Increases Memory Power Naturally

It is consists of herbs that provides nutrition to different areas of brain resulting in improved neuron-transmission and brain functioning. Paawan Brain syrup is a natural tonic for mental development and enhances learning capability. An excellent memory tonic, improve concentration, memory, learning ability & intelligence. It has excellent calming effect- beneficial in treating insomnia, anxiety, stress; hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. It increases intelligence. Improves memory. Improve grasping ability & increase retention span thus ensuring better Academic performance. It is also very beneficial in relaxing the mind and reducing tensions.

Paawan Brain syrup is 100% Ayurvedic product and is free from any side effect. It is beneficial for your health; it also improves our immune system. It is essential to boost up memory, & concentration. Paawan Brain syrup increases memory power naturally and is Very beneficial for school going children.  It is a pure herbal tonic which is useful for entire Family.

It is an ayurvedic formula for mental development and enhancing learning capabilities that is also used to overcome memory degradation and decline with age. Regular use of Paawan Brain syrup helps in improving memory, prevents age related dementia, improves learning skills, memory retention and motor function. Helps to attenuate stress, anxiety and depression. Prevents mental fatigue and promotes mental faculty.


  • General health debility.
  • A superior brain tonic.
  • Low physical performance.
  • Useful for boosting up memory.
  • Improves memory and enhances recall.
  • Reduced alertness, concentration & memory.

Indication:- Mild tranquilizer, avoids depression stimulates brain metabolism, mainly effective on the development at growing age, release from mental tension, increases memory and body resistance.

Presentation:- 200 ml.