Paawan Haemo Boost remove iron deficiencies by providing ample amount of essential micro-nutrients to our body, pure and top quality herbal ingredients that are added in a perfect blend. Iron is one of the vital minerals required by the body for proper haemoglobin synthesis and hence red blood corpuscle formation. Iron is part of other proteins and enzymes, playing important role in metabolic pathways. It tones up muscles, strengthens bones, enhances metabolism, and improves immune power.  Stimulates the immune system and helps in increasing the level of haemoglobin in the blood, Provides high recovery from sudden blood loss, enhances blood circulation and makes our skin glowing, boosts energy and haemoglobin level and revitalises our whole body, increase the number of RBCs and brings a natural radiance to our skin. It also clears sticky blood or blood sludge.  They are naturally rich in iron and has no side effects. This action is beneficial in treating anemia and weakness. This is a time-tested product and is free from any chemicals. Paawan Haemo Boost herbal tablet for Haematinic.

Haemo Boost Tab is the most trusted herbal product to cure iron deficiency. It is a blend of essential herbs rich in vitamins and minerals, supports post-workout muscle recovery. It is a unique gentle combination of herbs high in iron content. Haemo Boost Tab is free from any artificial additives and preservatives. Herbs used in Haemo Boost have been used for centuries to treat diseases, improve overall health and provide some relaxation too.

Haemo Boost Tab are thus highly successful herbal tablet to increase haemoglobin naturally that are capable to solve the purpose of iron deficiency anemia, it is found to be very beneficial to enhance the level of haemoglobin level in body.


  • Hemo Boost tab has no side effects.
  • Improves iron level in body.
  • This particular herbal cure has been used for the treatment of anemia.
  • It improves the production of red blood cells safely and naturally.
  • Very effective to treat a wide range of issues like low immunity health.
  • The Hemo Boost tab reduces the risk of health issues due to iron deficiency, safely and naturally.

Indication:- Anemia, general diability, anemia (Due to amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, menorragia).

Dosage:- 2 tablets twice a day with water after meal or as directed by the physician.

Presentation:- 60 tabs.