Reduce skin dullness and glowing skin natural

Reduce skin dullness and glowing skin natural

Step 1 :- Hydrate

Step 2 :- Cleanse

Step 3 :- Breathe

Step 4 :- Exercising

Step 5 :- Eat healthy

Step 6 :- Home remedies

Step 1 :- Hydrate – First things first, hydrate yourself and your skin. Make sure you drink ample amounts of water as it clears out toxins from it. Also, using moisturising products will help in its upkeep which will make sure that it does not dry out or look dull.

Step 2 :- Cleanse – Most important step to make your dull skin cure. Cleansing makes your face glow and removes the impurities and oil from your face. Do it daily in the initial stages, would give you a shooting effect and make you feel relaxed.

Step 3 :- Breathe – Yes, a simple way to get more oxygen into your system and also the glow back is to breathe. If you think you breathe all the time and your skin is still dull, you may want to try breathing exercises like pranayam, anulom, vilom, etc.

Step 4 :- Exercising – Exercise always releases toxins and make your skin glow. Exercising helps in better blood circulation and getting good oxygen in your body. You will look good and feel good after gym or yoga. Exercise also let you have better sleep.

Step 5 :- Eat healthy – Making a few dietary changes such as reducing the consumption of oily, junk food and drinking less and quitting smoking will go a long way in clearing the dullness.

Step 6 :- Home remedies – Dull skin brings in a lot of dark spot on the face. You can use herbal home remedies face pack, you use wheat flour turmeric powder and lemon juice mix them as a paste and apply on your face, it’s very helps to removes skin dullness.