Sandhivat Har Tel – Paawan Herbal Oil Product

Sandhivat Har Tel – Paawan Herbal Oil Product

Paawan Sandhivat Har Tel is natural herbal pain oil and is very effective medicine for massage in wind born diseases like Flatulence, Arthritis, Sciatica and Gouts.

Regular massage with it gives relief in Joint pain, Muscular pain and Stiffness. Massage for a long time make muscles soft and painless. It is very effective in acute and chronic pains in muscles/bones, cervical-spondylitis, rheumatic aches, gout.

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  • It has potent analgesic and anti-inflamatory effects that offers quick relief for pain.
  • It minimizes joint stiffness and swelling and restores joint mobility.
  • Relief from pain and inflation due to musculoskeletal disorders such as sprains, strains, tendonitis etc.
  • Also useful in asthralgia related to osteo-arthritis, sciatica.
  • Easily absorbent in skin, Non sticky.
  • Effective in muscular pain of any kind.

Cervical spondylities, osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, chest and back pain, muscular pain, sports injury, asthralgia, sprain and all types of joint pain.

Colotropis procera (Aak), Dhatura metal (Dhatura), Ricinus communis (Erand), Vitex nirgundi (Sahund), Melia azedarachta (Bakain), Zingiber officinnale (Sonth), Moringa pterygosperma (Sahijan), Vanda roxburghii (Rasna), Azadorachta indica (Nimb), Pipper longum (Pipper), Pipper nigrum (Marich), Sesamum indicum (Til Oil).