Yoga Means Addition, Addition Of Energy, Strength And Beauty To Body, Mind And Soul…!!!

Meditation Is The Sissolution Of Thought In Enternal Awareness Or Pure Consciousness Without Objectification, Knowing Without Thinking, Merging Finitude In Infinity!!


Yoga is boon to every woman who has desire for well-shaped body. With the help of yoga she can deal with problem of gaining weight. It helps women to enhance her beauty and vibrant look.


Yoga is very necessary and beneficial for you if it is practiced on a daily basis in the morning.

  • It is a combined workout of the mind and body which enhances you brain functions, reduces stress and rejuvenates body and soul.
  • It helps you to gain flexibility, manage stress, improves posture, memory and concentration.
  • Apart from these benefits, yoga also helps in flexibility of spine, induces relaxation and strengthens lower back.
  • Yoga helps you to achieve the perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul. It drives away all negativity from your system and promotes in the achievement of a healthy and a happy life.



  1. Passive Rotation Of Toes
  • Bend the right leg at the knee place the right foot on the left.
  • Moving the toes inhale up exhale straight then rotate all the fingers & toe clockwise & anticlockwise 3 time each.
  1. Toe Bending
  • Straight leg
  • Toe bending inhale up exhale down 5 rounds.


  1. Ankle Bending
  • Same for ankle same as toe bending 5 rounds.
  • Leg apart inhale big toe touching to the ground & exhale little toe touching to the ground more than 5 rounds.
  1. Ankle Crank
  • Fingers inside the toes inhale up & exhale down (3 round clock wise) reverse exhale down & inhale up (3 round anti clockwise)
  1. Knee Bending
  • Sitting in straight leg/ Dandasana
  • Interlock your finger place it under the thigh near the knee inhale straight & exhale back it to normal. Same way repeated with left leg each leg 3-3 rounds.
  1. Knee Crank
  • Keep your knee parallel to the ground then inhale rotate up & exhale rotate down this is clockwise 3 rounds same ways clock wise & anti-clock wise in reverse exhale down and inhale up (don’t rotate ankle joint only knee) sitting in Dandasana/Vajarasana/Sukhasana.
  1. Hand Clenching
  • Hand in front & make a fist thumb inside the all other fingers now you will inhale stretch exhale thumb finger 1st followed by the other fingers (5rounds)
  1. Wrist Bending
  • Again make a fist rotate your wrist inhale up & exhale down (5 rounds)
  1. Elbow Bending
  • Stretch up hand in front palms facing up inhale bring your palm to the shoulder exhale in front.
  1. Shoulder Socket Rotation
  • Inhale up & exhale down both side (5 times)
  1. Neck Movement
  • Inhale up & exhale down (5rounds)


If you do regularly with full concentration you will lose 2-3/ 3-4kg in a month. Anyone can do this its very good for our body.



It is beneficial for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problem or other ailments where vigorous exercise is not advised.


  1. For maximum benefits the eyes should remain closed.
  2. Do not practice mechanically.
  3. Maintain awareness throughout the practice.
  4. Always start with right leg.
  5. After all exercise relax for while sitting in half Padamasana.


The practice can be performed with awareness of the actual physical movements.

Peace, balance and one pointedness is induced by this method which in turn brings about harmony in the physical body.

The practice is to be performed in synchronization with breath.

Reduce Belly Fat

  • Take yoga mat; lie on it; stretch yourself nicely with hands upwards and legs downwards.
  • Keep your hand next to your buttock/ near your lower back.
  • Now raise your legs @35 degrees & rotate 10 times clock wise & 10times anti clock wise.
  • After that same at 45 degrees & at 60 degrees & at 90 degrees.
  • So totally you will finish 80 counts in 1 set. You have to do 3 sets. After a week u can increase your counts till 50.
  • When u doing it perfectly, only 1 set is enough.
  • Within a month you can see changes in your belly.